Thursday, September 6, 2012

My Wishlist #02

I've honestly been on the hunt for any kind of blazer - it doesn't necessarily have to be Topshop but that's the only site I've come across with nice ones! I love blazers, I think they can make the most casual outfit look professional. I've checked the Forever 21 website but I'm just disappointed & know that it will most likely not fit/fall apart/be uncomfortable.

I know the Naked 2 Palette is all the rage lately, but I really like the colors in this palette! I know there are a million places I could find this palette but I still haven't been able to justify the cost of this bad boy. But Ulta is doing a $10 off any online purchase of $60 or more with code 89776 if anyone is interested!

I feel as though I don't really need to explain this one. I love Essie & this is a shade I've been after for a while. I FINALLY managed to find two Fiji's in Target the other day (the last two!) so I scooped them up so fast for my sister & I.

After seeing a post over at I Covet Thee I decided that this needed to be the next shade added to my Essie arsenal. Unfortunately if you see from the links I posted for the Essie polishes they are sold out on the website & really hard to find on any other one too! E-bay is probably the best bet.

Studs are all over the place lately! When I saw these...and the studs...I knew I had to have them. I think they're super cute & would make a great look for the fall weather and even into the winter!


  1. The Naked palette is one of my best investments. I literally do not need any other neutrals in my life (except for maybe some MAC mattes). Such an amazing deal on that palette.

    1. It really is so tempting! I see so many rave reviews about it that I feel like I must be crazy for not already owning it!