Monday, September 3, 2012

Julep Maven Box!

 So of course as I was browsing the web one day I came across Julep. I’ve seen these polishes around time & time again but I never really paid much attention to it…we all know my heart belongs to Essie.

But when I saw that I could become a Julep Maven for $0.01 I could NOT pass up an offer. Who doesn’t love a steal? So I signed up & took a little quiz that determined my “style profile.” There are a variety of style profiles available which all contain different sets of colors.

This was my first box – it was It Girl. I love these colors!

Claire - Blake - Morgan

Boxes are $19.99 a month which is great considering these are usually a $40.00 value. But the BEST part about becoming a Julep Maven is the freedom that comes with these boxes. First they e-mail you with a preview of the upcoming box for the month so you can decide if you want those shades or you can pick a different profile. If you’re not a fan of the shades that fit your profile you can easily select a different profile or you can even skip an entire month & you won’t even be charged.

As for the polishes themselves, I have to say I like them. They are a bit thin compared to Essie but as long as you don’t overload your brush you should be good to go. I used two coats on the pictures above & as you can see, they turned out really well! I love the variety of colors and just the whole concept of the boxes in general so I’m going to continue with the Julep Maven Box!

As a Julep Maven you also get the opportunity to get 20% off AND free shipping in the Maven Boutique. They also have a referral program so if you’re feeling in the mood, head on over using this link ;) --

Unfortunately I can’t find the code I used to get them for a penny...I’m so sorry about that…I’ve 
searched high & low! But I did find that if you enter 2FREE at checkout, you get your first box for $9.99 PLUS two extra polishes! That’s a $70 value. It’s so worth it, so head on over & sign up!!!

(EDIT) Erica over at Abundance of Erica has so kindly informed me that she believes the code for the $0.01 box can be purchased using code PENNY. I do think that is the same code that I used but I'm not 100% positive if that code would still work now. If anyone finds out, please let us know! :)


  1. I think the code was just "PENNY"! I loved this offer! So great :)

    1. Eek! Thanks hun :) I've updated the post with that info! And yes I love anything that means I'm saving money ;)