Sunday, August 12, 2012

A Step Ahead The Rest: Organization

First, I need to start off this post by saying…the Spice Girls were absolutely flawless! Ugh, the young girl in me was in tears, they were just as good as I remember! Girl power forever :)

So…onto business!

One of the most important things in life is prioritizing, right? You never want to be late for an important meeting or forget to pay your credit card bill (oops!)….that’s why being organized is so important. If you want to be successful & confident (…and NEVER have to walk into a meeting unprepared ever again), I think its super important to make sure you know what’s going on BEFORE it goes on.

So what do I use to manage my time?

Any sorority girl knows (& swears by) Lilly Pulitzer! These Lilly planners are the epitome of organization. This is the large planner and they come in slew of different patterns. They even contain these adorable stickers inside! And each month has a cute little phrase!

Unfortunately (…or maybe fortunately) my life isn’t as hectic as it was in my college days so shelling out $26 for a planner I wouldn’t use that often is a little unnecessary at the moment. They do have smaller versions though if you prefer to not spend that much. Here you can find the patterns for their 2013 planners! Cute, aren’t they?!

This was my 2012 planner. AS you can see I was stickler for organization…I even color coded things. Don’t judge, I’m sure some of you guys do too ;)

If you’re interested in these planners I suggest heading over to Lilly Pulitzer to check them out! You can even get free shipping with the code “WELCOME” at checkout! 

Think you might buy a Lilly planner for 2013? Which cover is your favorite?

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