Thursday, August 9, 2012

Nail Biter: New Essie Polishes

I am quite the nail polish junkie. Everytime I stop at the drugstore (or any store that sells polish) its like I always come home with a new color! My recent purchases? Essie polish of course.

Although I've been hoarding polish for a long time its only recently that I've become a huge fan of Essie. I love that most of the time you only need about two coats to get a great looking nail. And I also love the wide arrange of colors - my wallet hates that though as these were about $8 each at Target.

So, the new colors?

The one I decided to try first was Aruba Blue.

Although its called Aruba Blue and reminds me of a getaway I find that this color is a little too dark for summertime nails. I prefer light, bright colors in the summer! Perhaps its better in the winter months when all you can think about is getting into warmer weather?

What are your favorite nail polishes? Have any particular shades that you just adore?


  1. Love all the shades you got, especially sand tropez :)

    Thanks for sending me your link on twitter, i'm your newest follower, hope you'll have a little wonder through my blog too and enter my giveaway :D


    1. Thanks so much :) I just can't decide which shade to wear next :X

      Is the giveaway open internationally?