Friday, August 17, 2012

My Wishlist #01

How often should I be posting a wishlist? Daily? Weekly? Bi-weekly? Oy the options are endless. But it might be best for my sanity & wallet to keep these posts to a minimum! Let's see how this goes...

I am OBSESSED with this bag. I saw a girl with this on the train one day & it was like a light shining down on it & I knew that I needed to have this bag in my possession.  The only problem is that I can’t find it in this color anymore! Ah.

I may or may not have bought these already. Oops. My sister pulled these same exact boots out of her closet last week. She bought them last year but rarely ever wore them so when I saw them I thought they were way too cute and feminine to pass up. So…maybe they’ll be arriving at my house soon? If I actually bought them…

I have heard nothing but AMAZING reviews on all Liz Earle products so of course I am tempted to buy this kit. Especially considering I am looking for something that gives me that deep down clean because my normal face wash is not cutting it for me. I’m breaking out slightly & feel as though I need a better cleanser. I’m pretty sure this will be purchased on my next pay day!

That big giant question mark is in regards to the new foundation I want to buy! I need something new but I am unsure of which one to go with. I’m kind of leaning towards the Laura Mercier Oil Free Tinted Moisturizer…during the summer months I prefer tinted moisturizers to actual foundations. A brand new Sephora opened up nearby so if I’m up for spending some cash I might head over there tomorrow to check it out! And maybe I will be walking out with some goodies! :)

What's on your recent wishlists?! Plan on actually buying anything new soon?


  1. Ive just found your blog, love your logo!:)

  2. That MK bag is gorgeous, I saw some when I went on holiday and I'm so regretting not buying one now! x

    1. Eek I know! I'm determined to find it though!