Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Allure Best Of Beauty

As I was browsing the Sephora website the other day I noticed they had listed the Allure Best Of Beauty 2012 Award Winners. Curious, I went through the products to see what items I currently owned that were considered “best in beauty.” Not so surprisingly, I don’t have many (some of these are quite pricey)! But let’s take a look, shall we?

Almost everybody has the palette, or at least a dupe of it!
This palette is great for so many reasons. For one, I love the colors in this palette, more so than the ones in the Naked 2 palette. This palette contains a variety of neutral shades both matte and shimmer so you can really go for any look with it whether it be subtle for work or sultry for a night time look! Also, the formula of these shadows is superb. They are extremely pigmented & blend so easily!

I splurged on this product but I really do love it. Especially considering how I use it every day, I think it was a justly purchase (although it did take me some time to justify)! I highly recommend this palette – or at least Naked 2 because the formula is great. But I do hear there are some great dupes on the market too if this is too pricey.
This is probably the first high end foundation I have ever owned. I know many bloggers out there have a variety of foundations that they use but I’m not that way. I usually use the same foundation until it runs out so when it comes to buying one I want to be absolutely positive that I love it & that it works well with my skin type. So when I read OUTSTANDING reviews on this product I knew I needed to give it a try.

The great thing with Sephora is they allow samples so I walked in one day & asked to be matched to a shade & for sample which they so helpingly agreed to. Awesome! Always got to love helpful customer service :) I LOVED this foundation. It smells like cucumbers (which I love) because it gives me a fresh scent feeling. It also goes on so effortlessly that it feels like there is nothing there! Perfect! Its buildable so if you just need slight coverage you only need a little bit but if you need something more this is buildable so it works in just the right way!

I’ve had this powder for a really long time but I barely ever use it. This translucent powder claims to mattify skin and erase the appearance of imperfections while filling in fine lines. In my opinion, I think this product needs to be applied the right way or else it will seem nearly pointless. You only need a tiny bit or else it can leave a kind of film on your face which isn’t the look you are going for. I have dry skin & I think this product only highlights my dry patches rather than hiding my imperfections.

However, like I said…I haven’t used this in a long time. I am in the process of trying new skin care products to hydrate my skin better so I will be pulling this product out from the back of my stash to try out!

At the end, I own THREE products! I can't say I'm surprised - as mentioned, some of them are pricey but I wish I could have more!

What about you guys? Do you own anything from this list?!

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  1. I've only got the Naked palette, but I agree with you, it's really all you need in terms of eyeshadow! So worth the money!